February/March Blog Topic: Air Pollution in South Korea

Topic: Air Pollution in South Korea


Background: South Korea is facing hazardous level of air pollution. Clouds of thick smog and microdust had covered South Korea’s sky. According to CNN meteorologists, the level of microdust had reached AQI of 150-225, during the past couple of days. South Korean media, such as Yonhap news and JoongAng newspaper, reported that the microdust and air pollution is flying in from China and called out President Moon Jae-in for failing to raise the issue with China. To be specific, the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science claimed to have evidence that a rise in fine dust during spring was partly due to massive numbers of fireworks used in China for Lunar New Year celebrations, citing a spike in potassium in the air as evidence. Researchers at the Seoul Institute and labs affiliated with the Ministry of Environment have claimed that China is more than 50 to 60 percent responsible for the fine dust polluting South Korea’s air. However, China denies such allegations, refuting that South Korea should track its domestic pollutants before blaming China.


Guiding Questions:

– What could be the reason that Asia, in particular, is suffering from such heavy smog and hazardous levels of pollution?

– What are some environmental policy measures that South Korean government can take to tackle air pollution issue without jeopardizing its relations with China?



The questions above are only suggestions; please feel free to take your own creative approach to the topic!



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