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Founded in the year 2016, GW Institute for Korean Studies (GWIKS) is part of the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University. The establishment of GWIKS in 2016 was made possible by a generous grant from the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS).

The Institute for Korean Studies enhances academic programs, faculty members, and scholarly activities by promoting collaboration and partnerships across the university, expanding the depth and breadth of Korean Studies at GW by focusing on a humanities approach, hosting events, beginning new courses, and increasing access to reference materials. Moreover, we intend to play a leading role by bringing local scholars in the metropolitan D.C. area to GW and interact with them in a variety ways through our signature conferences, Hahn Moo-Sook Colloquium in the Korean Humanities, Soh Jaipil Circle meetings, workshops, and lecture series. In addition, we bring scholars from all around the world to GW.

The mission of the GWIKS is to consolidate, strengthen, and grow the existing Korean studies program at GW, and more generally in the greater D.C. area.

Spring 2018 Announcements & News


January 11: Dr. Celeste Arrington wrote article “South Korea ended its review of its ‘Comfort Woman’ deal with Japan. Here is what you need to know” on the Washington Post

January 16: Dr. Roy Richard Grinker was quoted in article “How France is facing its outdated Autism treatment and care practices” on the Independent

January 19: Dr. Celeste Arrington was quoted in article “Seoul wants Olympic momentum to lead to US-North Korea talks” on the Irish Times

January 24: GWIKS had more than 250 participants at the film-screening of “Secret State of North Korea: Explore Life Under Kim Jong-Un.” Read more about the event, here.

January 26: Dr. Sergei O. Kurbanov, GWIKS Visiting Scholar, gave a lecture titled “North Korea in Modernization: Economy, Politics, and Social Life” for the Kim-Renaud East Asian Humanities Lecture Series

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