Congratulations to Dr. Gregg Brazinsky for launching his book “Winning the Third World”

Dr. Gregg Brazinsky is the Acting Director of GW Institute for Korean Studies. His book “Winning the Third World: Sino-American Rivalry during the Cold War” was officially launched at the Wilson Center on May 8th, 2017. The full video of the talk at the book launch “U.S.-China Competition During the Cold War” can be found here.

In the book, Dr. Brazinsky examines afresh the intense and enduring rivalry between the United State and China during the Cold War. He shows how both nations fought vigorously to establish their influence in newly independent African and Asian countries. By playing a leadership role in Asia and Africa, China hoped to regain its status in world affairs, but Americans feared that China’s history as a nonwhite, anti-colonial nation would make it an even more dangerous threat in the postcolonial world than the Soviet Union. Drawing on a broad array of new archival materials from China and the United States, Dr. Brazinsky demonstrates that disrupting China’s efforts to elevate its stature became an important motive behind Washington’s use of both hard and soft power in the “Global South.” (Summary from the publication website introduction)

For more information about the book from the author, click here.

Congratulations to Professor Brazinsky!

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