May 23-24, 2017 Workshop

“Korea and the World: New Frontiers in Korean Studies.”

The conference will take place on May 23-24 at the George Washington University, with ten young scholars presenting their studies.


  1. Dajeong Chung, The College of William and Mary, “From Dependency to Self Sufficiency, 1962-1972: American Food Relief to the Korean Peripheries.”
  2. Jeongmin Kim, New York University, “South Korea’s Wartime Black Market: Sexual Exchanges and the Everyday Economy during the Korean War.”
  3. Jooeun Kim, Georgetown University, “The Vietnam War and U.S. Credibility on the Korean Peninsula.”
  4. Khue Dieu Do, Seoul National University, “The Carter Zeal versus the Carter Chill: U.S. Relations with the Two Koreas during the Carter Administration.”
  5. Patrick Chung, Brown University, “From Supply Lines to Supply Chains: The US Military, Infrastructural Development, and the Origins, of South Korea’s Export Boom.”
  6. Peter Banseok Kwon, Harvard University, “Korea’s Search for Autonomy: Park Chung Hee’s Defense Industry Development and Evolving U.S.-ROK Relations, 1971-1979.”
  7. Steven Denney, The University of Toronto, “The Micro-Foundations of Democratic Support in Post-Transition South Korea.”
  8. Darcey Draudt, The Johns Hopkins University, “Multiculturalism as State Policy and Citizenship Practices in Global Korea.”
  9. Benjamin Young, The George Washington University, “Armed with Pencils and Notebooks: North and South Korean Students at the Teheran Foreign School in the Early 1980s.”
  10. Thomas Stock, University of California, Los Angeles, “Under Attack: Fraternal Criticism, Global Discourse, and the Development of North Korean Ideology.”


  1. Arissa Oh, Boston College
  2. Jiyoung Lee, American University
  3. Mitch Lerner, The Ohio State University
  4. Gregg Brazinsky, The George Washington University
  5. Harris Mylonas, The George Washington University
  6. James F. Person, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

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